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dialing politics –  This is the documentation of dialing politics, my media archaeology-project (Master Interface Cultures, Kunstuni Linz/Austria), an interactive installation, exhibited between October 25th-30th 2016 at bb15, Linz/Austria.

to watch the film please check out vimeo:

By dissecting the Cold War’s Space Race dialing politics considers the historicity, the presence and the future of national politics regarding the constant global threat of war and the continuing intentions of colonization extended to space.
By dialing a two-digit number on the "Red Telephone" selected excerpts of historical and actual speeches of US and USSR/Russian presidents will be audible; by dialing a number on the free-standing rotary dial the levitating satellite-speakers are turned on and off and thereby create an adequate, alterable soundscape.

The antiquated antechamber telephone-table represents the antiquated “superpower”-politics of of maximization and it paraphrases the myth of the “Red Telephone”. There had never been any red telephone to wait for an emergency call on the presidential desk in neither the White House nor in the Kremlin. A direct communication thread via the actual technology (teletype, telefax, email) was (and is?) monitored day and night by security agents.

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